Amy Cann
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Visual Art – Calgary, ALB

Painting is my passion, my joy. I can truly feel the power that joy gives me, especially when I can pass that joy onto others who collect my work. I have been painting my entire life, but have been painting daily for the last nine years. It takes me on a different journey every day. If I’m not painting, I’m dreaming of my next painting and sketching in my notepad. My head is always filled with a whirlwind of beautiful colors, and I always have paint on me somewhere. From childhood, I knew art was what made me happy. I could truly express my dreams and emotions and create something others always seemed to enjoy. It was the biggest praise I received from all of my teachers throughout school. The process of transforming paper or canvas and paint or pencils into something you could gaze at and get lost in forever struck me as magical and made me excited. I love to use lots of vibrant color. I use many mediums including acrylics, resin, alcohol inks, oils and spray paint, but my predominant medium is Acrylic on canvas and Acrylic and Resin on wood panel. I create contemporary pieces with acrylic, and with the resin and acrylic, I create abstract floral pieces and landscapes. ...more