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Ana Maria a Third Culture Kid, inspired by the internal conflicts of humans across different cultures and backgrounds. An empath who seeks connection, and to relate to the deepest emotions of other people. My artistic expression is heavily influenced by the feminine energy, and the free spirited nature of the RAW human being. The connection to the self and understanding how things make us feel, is key to interpreting life. Representing something so abstract in a concrete medium is something i enjoy very much, and it allows for my own understanding of who I am. My art connects me to myself and to others. I like to describe my art style as moody and as an enhancement of reality through beauty, inspired by Art Nouveau. I like creating emotions in people and making them feel like they can relate to what they perceive in the image or at least make them feel some type of way. I like touching up on femininity, sexuality, and freedom of self expression. We live in a world full of rules, so we put ourselves in boxes, and we don't grant each other the freedom of self-exploration or self-realization. When creating, my main medium was acrylic paint and canvas. However, I have found a lot of joy and comfort through photography, and certainly new exciting challenges unique to the medium. When photographing, I like to shoot at lower exposures to then bring back all the amazing colors in post-production. I focus a lot in lighting, for which I enjoy the Rembrandt style. I also focus lot on the eyes, and I make sure the eyes are well lit and differentiated, since they will be emitting most of the emotion. I want to take my artistic career to another level. I want to provide a space for people to discover something about themselves through my art. I also want to practice it professionally, and collaborate with other amazing artists and brands. As an artist I would like to be recognized not just through admiration, but through emotional relatedness. I want to improve in every way possible, and discover new techniques to portray different topics. so what makes me an artist? i think courage. It takes courage to express your creativity and share it with people. it takes courage to dive into different techniques and mediums, step out of your comfort zone. it takes courage to face feedback, and to face your own thoughts and emotions when you are creating. I am an artist because I have the courage to create. ...more

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Showcasing in Denver, CO

GLOW at The Church Nightclub (18+) – Jun 04, 2020 @7:00PM