Oriana Violin

Music – Providence

I have been carrying out my path as a musician since I was 8 years old, which began in the national orchestra system in my country of origin, Venezuela. There, I formed solid foundations in this musical path, begining with pre-pedeutic studies, which at this stage started with reading and solfeggio. This entailed attending a choir, which predated the selection of my instrument of choice (violin). Despite my family's decision to leave the country for California, my love for music never ceased, and continued to play a major role in my life where I continued my passion as a young musician during middle school band for the next 6 months, having to experiment with percussion instruments as they were limited and forced to exclude string as an option. My journey then brought me to Colombia for the next 5 years where I completed my bachelor's degree, and subsequently managed to start my career in human management; a skill I transitioned into a managing role for the city of Envigado’s symphony orchestra, which I spearheaded until my eventual and final move here to Rhode Island. From the moment I arrived my focus and energy was dedicated to finding a local Orchestra, which culminated into my participation as a Violinist in the Warwick Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Katherine Gagnon. It should be noted this was not only a musical challenge, but a language barrier to overcome as well. While I have progressed significantly since, during my initial application I can recall addressing the Director with the following quote, “the music is a universal Language”, to which was affirmed and followed by an approved application and heartwarming demeanor. The experience provided through the orchestra has propelled both my musical talents and desire to start my new journey as a soloist and entrepreneur, starting my own business showcasing my musical talent in a variety of social events.