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Visual Art – Vancouver, BC

Annsabelle's Biography by: Marcel Sangsari "Annsabelle " is a Filipino-Canadian Abstract Artist. Her provocative ,imaginative works recently landed her a feature in prestigious lifestyle magazine, Jetset. Annsabelle's art is rooted in her love of the splendours & senses of her land, the Philippines, & her struggles with- & courage to forge ahead from- personal experiences of heartache & pain. Her free strokes feature rich,colourful depth and unmistakable gravitas. Annsabelle is most in her element-brush in hand- painting her intricate feelings on a blank canvas. Her collection of work is called Inspiration For All. Believing that creativity comes from places deep in our soul, she hopes her art will help others find purpose and meaning in their life. If the mundane doesn't awaken you, perhaps Annsabelle's divine strokes of thoughts and dreams may speak to your soul. Annsabelle's greatest art is inspired at the latest hours of the day when her mind's eye turns her hand into strokes of chaos. Yesterday's paint strokes of dark days past are making way for bright future horizons. ...more