anson cyr

Visual Art – San Francisco

In my current work I use animals and monsters to represent my take on humanism. The birds and animals serve to show a more overcome man, one who is ruled by the laws and objects that constrain us from being the free beings we really wish to be. I juxtapose these animals with “Modern Technology.” Doing so I try to force the viewers to consider these objects as something essentially human. A slave with no master but with an engineered job and purpose. With the monsters I seek to embody the raw self-centered man. One who is only worried with self perseverance and gorging. Other visual imagery I use often in my vernacular is animals being bound together or trapped in twine, yarn skulls, etc. This is a comment on the fact that we have others that we are attached to and the things we do always have consequences. I use hearts and homes often as well. This serves to exemplify that there is almost always a point of reference that we act from realized or not. I do not look to condemn or condone these things only bring a sense of humor and lightness to them.