Anthony Amos
Anthony Amos Profile Picture
Visual Art – Chicago, IL

Anthony “A.J.” Amos III Chicago area artist Anthony Amos utilizes a variety of mediums to redefine what is accepted as “Art” by developing a style that bonds “high” art and “low” culture. Infatuated with the Pop Artist Movement, Anthony sought to use the outbursts of popular images as the outcry of a withdrawn child. Anthony’s use of bold lines & striking colors combined with themes of alienation, heroism, depression and fond memories tuned down his more objective life experiences and provide a subjective, emotional expression. Anthony was born in Harvey IL, in 1989. He began to draw when his mother needed an alternative outlet for his energy, as Harvey wasn’t exactly safe, he had no friends and a bad stroke of luck with bees. He would begin to show promise, so much that he would begin to attend summer courses at the Art Institute of Chicago in the youth department. Anthony currently works as an independent artist. He has a contract with a local studio to instruct wine & paint events and participates in the Tallgrass & Union Street galleries of Park Forest & Chicago Heights. In January 2018, Anthony received the “Timeless Artist” award at the Park Forest Oscars celebration. He is also featured on the Facebook Tv series "Chicago Talent". ...more