Antonio Dudley
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Music – Salt Lake City, UT

Growing up in Salt Lake City was not any ordinary life for Antonio Dudley. He dealt with many trials and tribulations to become the artist he is today. Several personal experiences helped shape his path, musically. As a gay artist there are many obstacles that have attempted to break him, but despite any personal struggles he continued to write music. He has bridged the gap with music by working with many diverse artists. He has worked with local hip-hop artists POET and The MYSTER-E, by attempting to infuse Hip-Hop with Pop to help break through political barriers that keep art from showcasing true life. This has been important in his musical journey. In 2016, he debuted his first single "Lanterns in the Sky" off his debut EP 'Fragmented Soul.' "Lanterns in the Sky was conceptualized from real life experiences. "We've experienced so much turmoil in our world as of yet, and we need to know that beyond tragedy there is a brighter place where hatred does not take the place of love," says Antonio. Antonio wants to continue sharing this gift with the world through his sultry voice and in-depth perspective lyrically. "First and foremost, I am a writer; but singing is the energy through which my thoughts, feelings, and experiences can be conveyed. I leave the rest up to the listener to interpret in their own way," say Antonio. The world is his oyster, and music is the vessel to get him to the next level of prosperity. You can currently purchase or listen to his debut EP 'Fragmented Soul,' and new single 'My Life, My Rules' on or on social media and online music platforms everywhere. ...more