April Cremer

Visual Art – San Antonio

My painting ventures are primarily in abstract watercolor forms. I also work in oils, pencil, charcoal, and pastels. I am currently enjoying and exploring the fluidity, both of the movement and the medium, of watercolor on watercolor paper. My goal is to make the paper itself a more highly textured form because I see the structure as organic as the subject. I began my fascination with the arts in 5th grade when my teacher showed us how to draw a simple rose out of the letter U. I drew that rose over and over and over. Then I started looking at living roses and taking my drawings closer and closer to the real thing. I continued studying the visual arts throughout high school and college. In the early 1990’s I spent several of my years at Southwest Texas State University as a declared Art Major. In between then and now, life happened. I have taken time to support and raise a family, making my way in the corporate world. Now I am returning to my true passion – the arts.