Ardent Reverie

Accessories – San Diego

Two crazy sisters (Melanie and Meghan Mina) working like crazy in our tiny room to create unique handmade items.We love creating new things that inspire us so that we can share them with everyone. We\'ve always been the crafty type, but it wasn\'t until 2009 that we decided we would open up our Etsy shop,, and see how we would fare among the general public and not just among our friends and family. What does our name, Ardent Reverie, mean? When trying to come up with a shop name, we wanted something that best represented who we are. The literal meaning of the word ardent is, passion, and reverie means daydream. Ardent Reverie is a summary of who we are as artists, two girls passionate about dreaming. This is how we create our items, we dream, we imagine and not to mention we grow. The great thing about art is there are always new things to learn and new techniques to try out. Although we mostly create jewelry and hair accessories, we never like to limit ourselves, sprinkling other types of crafts in our shop. Quite honestly if we could clone ourselves we\'d dabble in about every form of art out there. Afterall, we can dream can\'t we? You can find Ardent Reverie at,