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Visual Art – Ottawa, ON

I (Alex Barker) created Art2zen as a means of sharing my joy of art and life. I believe that the path to becoming an artist is also the path to inner peace, and over the next year, I will be writing my first book “From Art to Zen: An artisan’s guide for life.” I first became an artist when I was about 3 or 4 years old. I was obsessed with drawing Ninja Turtles, leaving no page in my coloring book empty. One day, I asked my dad to draw my Donatello action figure. He made it look so realistic (from my young perspective), that I was completely blown away. I rushed back to my room and didn’t leave until I figured out how to draw all my toys. Since then I’ve been developing my art skills across many mediums--everything from pencil to 3D computer graphics. ...more