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Visual Art – Denver, CO

Damian Atencio’s art has been featured on stage of “Secret Knock,” rated the #1 networking event for entrepreneurs by Forbes, hosted by Greg Reid & Jeff Klubeck, “Velocity Vegas” hosted by Duc Vuong & Erica Romero, & “Serve X” 12/12 in Lake Elsinore hosted by Manny Lopez. Damian prides himself on being mostly self-taught, and calls himself a perfectionist, almost to a fault. From a small town in Las Vegas, New Mexico is where Damian learned to draw at a young age. With over 20 years’ experience drawing Damian has been able to produce some of the most beautiful works of art, especially excelling in the art of drawing portraits. Artist Statement Getting taking away from my biological mother at a young age and getting put in foster care was rough for me as a child and art has always been a way of expressing myself. As I got older I somehow always managed to keep art apart of my life by participating in art classes at school, or by practicing at home with the encouragement of my adopted mother Margie Atencio. She always told me I could do anything I put my mind to and always supported my art, (even when it wasn’t pretty,) by displaying my art at home in frames for everyone to see. Without her I wouldn’t be where I am today, so all credit goes to my mom for inspiring me at a young age, and throughout my life. ...more

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