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Visual Art – Philadelphia, PA

I first started drawing as a way to scape the cruel reality of growing in a rough environment and mostly, to forget about my parents moving to the USA and leaving their 2 toddlers behind. Art has followed me throughout my entire life. When I turned 21(22?) I enlisted in the US Marine Corps. Fast forward 17 years later, I still serve, however now in the US Army. Once again, painting has become my scapegoat to balanced my civilian and military life. Through painting I let all my emotions and stress flow out of my body and I’m able to remain the person I’ve always been and not let all the trauma from serving this great Nation take over. My art it’s not subjected to one style alone, as an artist my biggest passion of art it’s exploring different techniques and painting styles. Since childhood I’ve always been fascinated by the different painting styles, from realism to comics, from abstract to pop art. That’s who LOPZ is an artist ...more