Art In The A;M
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Visual Art – Toronto, ON

Jessica (Art In The A.M.) is a self taught traditional artist. She experiments with a mixture of contemporary, Lowbrow, and primarily surrealist expressions, immersing meaning with thoughtful symbolism and eclectic archetypes into every piece. Each piece is thoughtfully planned with careful intent to accurately convey the artists concepts, emotions and expressions. She constantly pushes the boundaries of concepts to create original and unique works of art. Her works are heavily surrounded around themes of mental health, with the desire to create therapeutic pieces, the deepest corners of ones psyche and dream state, nature, and some cheeky fun erotica! Over-coming personal demons and life’s obstacles- and harnessing them to create constructive positivity- has become her current primary focus in her works. She hopes to inspire the observer, and serve as a visual channel for those who relate with the subjects of mental illness and inner battles. ...more