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The person behind ArtQueen is Rebecca Salomonsson who has worked with art, exhibits, happenings and events for more than 7 years and her interest in art is like a ball of fire because she is always inspired by everything around her and that takes her towards new projects and challenges. The project Art & Fashion came to life after some thinking about how to reach the audience with art in a different and exciting way. The inspiration behind this comes from her good friend and artist RaRa Superstar from Los Angeles, who for many years have been painting on her clothes and shoes. Since RaRa is a tremendously colorful and happy person, just like Rebecca, it wasn't hard to see how everything would turn out in the end. With a big network and a lot of friends Rebecca had the first Art & Fashion – gathering in 2013, sharing her dream. In the summer of 2014 Rebecca Salomonsson, Artqueen, met the band Black Diamond at Sweden Rock Festival. Rebecca liked their music and after a meeting it was decided that for the coming Art & Fashion show "Wild & Crazy" Black Diamond would be playing the music and performing with the models on stage. The band Black Diamond was formed in Sweden 2011 by Michael Olsson on drums, Patrik Påhlman on bass guitar, Magnus Bergman on guitar and Liselott Wernersson as lead singer. The guys had played together before but in a pure metal band. In 2011 when Michael reached out to Patrik and wanted to start a band Patrik was up for the idea and wanted Magnus to join in. After some looking they found Liselott and the setting was complete. After playing at several parties, company and christmas gatherings in 2012 and 2013 they got the chance to play at Helgeå festival in Sweden. They also had the pleasure to play at Killebom festival in Sölvesborg, Sweden, in 2014 and 2015. Now 2 years later, and a number of shows in 2014 and 2015, Art & Fashion keeps surprising the audience with its unique way of showing art on clothes and other materials in a way you haven't seen before. On Friday 26th of June the show appeared at the big Harley Davidson festival "Harley Days" in Hamburg, Germany. Our next stop is wonderful Los Angeles and the lovely Venice Beach Music Festival, an event as colorful as Art & Fashion. In November 2017, we performed for RAW in Dessi Allinger’s Bel Air home. Last year on August 23rd, we performed at RAW Artists which was a wonderful experience! ...more

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Showcasing in Miami, FL

STELLAR at Revolution (18+) – Oct 24, 2019 @7:00PM