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Visual Art – Los Angeles - Downtown, CA

I bang my canvases and make art babies. Since 2005, I have been volunteering at a community service center in Chicago. I have been exposed to many different problems in our world, such as those related to global warming, human trafficking, undocumented immigrants, inequality, animal cruelty, sexual orientation, and more. My experiences and my attempts to help resolve such problems inform my worldview. America is a unique country that was built on diversity and a mixture of cultures and differences. Sometimes our uniqueness is not celebrated, and sometimes people struggle to achieve equality, freedom, and respect for their sexual orientation. However, through our shared experiences, education, and knowledge, we have progressed. Today, women can vote, slavery does not exist anymore, and gay people can marry. Although laws have changed, our understanding of differences still has room for improvement. There are more issues that need to be addressed. My plan and my hope entail fighting unjust approaches in communities, in our nation, and around the world related to race, sexual orientation, and cultural differences. I hope for my art to challenge any ideas that lead to hate or unjust harm. My paintings are a reflection of my knowledge and values that have come from my experiences and research. In 2009, I was fortunate enough to discover my talent in painting. Art is a wonderful gift. It can deliver messages that words cannot. People do not have to understand expression to feel an expression. In this way, art creates impact without a common language. Just like the differences we have in our world, art can and should be understood in different ways and with many definitions. By celebrating individual uniqueness and embracing it through art, I hope to make a small contribution to the reduction of hate and the promotion of wellbeing in our world. ...more