Visual Art – San Jose

Margo is a visual artist, experienced in a diverse range of media: watercolors, acrylics, pen and ink, graphite, digital images and more. Her expertise ranges from illustration and painting, to graphic design, and photography. Her passion for people, their thoughts and feelings, their past experiences; the struggles and joys of life and the macro view of beauty, in our surroundings, have become the driving force of her artwork. Born in Brooklyn, New York, Margo was raised in a family that instilled, in her, the love of travel and self-expression. From the age of 5, Margo was captivated with painting and drawing, from the moment her father gave her the very magical “Paint with Water” books. Margo\'s artwork has been in juried gallery shows and catalogs around the country. She attended New York Tech achieving a degree in Commercial Art and Hunter College where she continued her studies in Fine Arts focusing on oils, acrylics, and sculpture. She enjoys learning new techniques and stays connected in the world of art and artists by joining workshops led by contemporary artists such as Mary Anne Beckwith, Ric Dentinger, Dale Laitinen, Lauren McCracken, and Frank Webb. Continued admiration for masters such as Van Gogh, Rembrandt, and Peter Max, while keeping her own style, Margo’s original quote and belief is, “Art is the tangible evidence of one’s imagination and a window to one’s soul”. Keeping her own vision, while developing as an artist, she continues to create artwork from her studio