Visual Art – Calgary

I refer to vulnerable, expressive, emotional, and deep, artwork. This line expresses more of who I am as a person and an artist. It brings me out of my comfort zone (I enjoy avoiding vulnerability) and allows me to touch base with parts of me I tend to neglect. I meditate and visualize the next project I wish to work on, rather than jumping in. The reason I chose the name “Åse” is because of the pronunciation of the word. It is a Norse name, pronounced as “Oh-Sa”, when you pronounce the "oh" the vibrations of the sound travel within you and when you release the "sa" the sounds and vibrations release. You feel a release, which is a perfect symbol for what my art depicts. A release of deep vulnerable emotions from within. I have been drawing since I could hold a pencil. An artist was the first dream I had. But I had dropped that dream, I didn't believe I was good enough, and I didn't believe in passions being an occupation. It's common for artists to have a lot of self doubt, seems to come with the job. So, I had taken a break from my art for many years. Hardly ever picked up a pencil, and forgot the happiness it gives me, and the escape it is that I need. One day, I woke up. And realized that art and music are the most natural things to me. So, I am incredibly excited for this journey. I am so happy to be creating and sharing my art. I have learned that my art touches hearts, especially when I share the story behind my intuitive paintings. I find we all relate to each other in some way. I have issues with vulnerability, and art is the best way for me to express that.