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Fashion – Sacramento, CA

The Tale of Nawal & Asfurah Nawal Hassouneh is a Palestinian-American Muslim designer born and raised in California. She has always been interested in fashion and in particular fashion for Muslim women. She has been wearing hijab (headscarf+modest attire) since she was 13 and has noticed it getting harder and harder to find modest fashion. That’s when she started designing. She went on to get her Bachelors in Economics and minored in Textiles and Clothing from the University of California, Davis and started her brand Asfurah, Asfurah is a clothing line for the modern modest woman. We're modern, fresh, and in tune with the latest trends yet not compromising modesty. Asfurah is not just about being fashionable, it's about body positivity, and being comfortable in your own skin. At the end of the day, what we wear is only one part of who we are. I want girls to celebrate every part of themselves. ...more