AUDFACED Profile Picture
Performing Art – Los Angeles - Hollywood, CA

AUDFACED (Cat Tanchanco) believes Under Every Mask is a Story. She creates through makeup artistry, photography, poetry, painting, performance and filmmaking. She tells stories by creating art that mirrors, so others may see themselves more clearly and in turn, see the world more clearly. She believes learning yourself - both your dark and light - leads to living with more empathy for oneself and more empathy for others. She dares to let her mind dwell in the imaginary, disturbing & beautiful realms of life. She believes art is the language of what we truly desire, suppress and fear. Her first RAWArtists Show was STELLAR (November 20, 2019, Hollywood) where she debuted her FACES OF GRIEF Showcase: a multi-medium display of high fashion clown performers with a walk down the runway and a separate booth displaying her original canvas art, prints, one of a kind merchandise and an opportunity to submit your anonymous GRIEF story to be part of her future art book: CITY OF GRIEF. The Five Stages of Grief are the emotions we fluctuate within when experiencing a deep loss. They are unpredictable, unpleasant and protective emotional phases that exist to help us cope with loss. Grief is the cost of love. So what have you loved? And what have you lost?” In 2020 she will be premiering her second RAWArtists Showcase, “America, Demented” during the 59th Presidential Election Year of The United States. ...more