Audrey Callahan

Music – San Diego

I create music to make something that matters. To be the catalyst for someone to achieve personal greatness. To inspire. And for the love of it. All the problems we face in in our lives are easily fixable by changing the way we think. Our society and media is inundated with low level messages of needing brand names, money or a fancy title to validate you. I aim to spread the message that only YOU can validate you by working on yourself. I want to make personal development and consciousness growth “cool”. I want well-read and enlightened to be the new “swagger”. I\'ve learned so much chasing this dream of mine, starting my own businesses, going against the \"norm\" and carving my own path. I want to inspire others to \"not quit their day dream\" and believe in themselves. My original songs, affirmation clothing line and associated products are created to improve my fans thoughts and therefore lives. I can’t know for sure where this journey will take me, but I’m going to use every bit of talent God gave me and have a hell of a time doing!