Patricia Awapara

Visual Art – Miami

Artist Statement: My creative process is rather unplanned; I let my heart lead the way. The freedom of painting without limitations lets me be creative and for my passion to reflect on my work. I start each painting with a vague idea about form and color scheme, which let’s me be spontaneous. This basic principle combined with self-expression results in a sudden unpremeditated fearless approach to color and texture. This strategic intuition guides me from beginning to end, acquired only after many years of experimenting. It still amazes me how stimulating that is. I get exited when creating expressive paintings that are interesting to observe from far and up close. I want them to be invigorating, inviting and for my enthusiasm to permeate across my work. My intention is for people to find themselves with the desire to touch them. I believe the art links us with its emotional and visual energy. Bio: Born in Lima, Peru. Being an immigrant had it challenges, but it served her well. Although she graduated with a degree in Graphic Design, her heart longed to explore painting. She took a couple of painting classes while attending college and a few more at Florida International University, where she participated in competitions and won several awards. Patricia worked at a local business for more than 10 years. before she quit her regular job on 2013. Now, as a professional full time artist, Patricia is constantly creating new collections.