Azaria Profile Picture
Music – Toronto, ON

Azaria is not your average performer and has left crowds speechless. Audiences are mesmerized by Azaria's powerful and alluring presence with a dynamic and sensual voice. However, through her music and performance, many can relate to learning how to navigate challenges in young adulthood. In sharing these experiences, her goal is to inspire others to learn and grow with her. By being dedicated to perfecting her skills as a singer, songwriter, bass-player, dancer, and choreographer, this helps Azaria to be a passionate artist and performer. Azaria's Jamaican roots with her unique style of R&B and Pop causes her music to have heavy Dancehall and Reggae influence. Beyoncé, Mariah Carey, Missy Elliot, Spice, and Janet Jackson's careers and artistry inspire her own. In turn, Azaria aspires to be in a position similar to theirs one day. ...more