Accessories – Philadelphia

I felt a calling toward adornments from a young age, when the extent of my jewelry practices were creating beaded and friendship bracelets with string. I grew up in the woods, and after years of attending art school in a city, my heart felt torn to return to my roots. I salvaged this connection by working with organic elements such as stones, twigs, shells, and bones in my pieces. Nature has always been inherently tied to the darkness in my mind. It is full of beauty and magic, but also wild, free, unpredictable and downright fear-inducing. It has often in history been regarded as the harbinger of evil, which is where much of folklore stems from. I like to embody the duality between the beauty and fear that comes when you wander into the deep woods in my artwork, with a mix of bright colored crystals, rough metal bezels with dark gunmetal patinas.