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Music – Toronto, ONT

Hi im Balla B. A 26 year Toronto Singer, rapper/ songwriter. I grew up with the knowledge of teaching my self how to freestyle and beatbox. A ran into a client a work who showed me some music videos and i quickly picked up speed with wanting to throw my music out there. So i sat and wrote and now i have a full length recorded album. Also one unreleased album on the way. I appreciate all the feedback on my music and thats what keeps me going. Im deffenitly trying to make a namd for my city. ...more

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Showcasing in Toronto, ONT

STELLAR at Mod Club (19+) – 13 Nov 2019 @7:00PM, 14 Nov 2019 @7:00PM, 15 Nov 2019 @7:00PM

Exhibiting on: 15 Nov 2019 @7:00PM