bayou bohemian

Fashion – New Orleans

I am a mother. A wife. A maker. Inspiration and creativity are leading me closer to my truth. You can learn a lot about who you are by what inspires you, what drives you. I believe having the courage to be true to ourselves without fear of judgement is a challenge but one I want to conquer. We need to be brave and honest, kind and gentle, curious and creative. Creativity is an intimate expression of ones self and often I am challenged by the vulnerability that comes along with putting my work out there. I read some wise words once that said it quite nicely \"you can\'t be brave without first being scared\" -unkown. My creations have a homegrown aesthetic with a nod to eco-design. Nurturing the beauty in the unconventional, I enjoy breathing new life into special finds, gathered and collected, that have a story to tell, with roots to the past. Harmoniously blending handmade + vintage with fresh trends in fashion. My original, authentic collections are simple, versatile and often vintage-inspired. When working with fabric I prefer using natural cloth like hemp, cotton, ethnic textiles and vintage textiles. My jewelry is handcrafted with remnants and relics. Chunky natural stone, locally salvaged copper, leather, found feathers and fabric scraps come together creating easy to wear adornment.