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Accessories – Boston, MA

The philosophy is simple but integral to the overall essence of the brand. One of One Im a true believer in the uniqueness of the individual and I look for that magic to translate through my jewelry. When a person puts on a watch, a necklace, a scarf, or a pair of earrings they’re making an outfit unique and personal. Accessorizing brings personality to what we wear. And in that way accessorizing is much like what makes each of us different. This is because an outfit, while they’re all different, consists of the same necessary parts; shoes, bottoms, and a top. Accessories however, are unnecessary to the completion of an outfit, much like our uniqueness is to survival. But, they are what give life and color to something that would otherwise be ordinary. And thats what I want to do with my jewelry. Create works that bring out the uniqueness in the individual wearing them, and only them. Because at the end of the day. There will only ever be one you! ...more