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Biark One

Visual Art – New York - NYC, NY

Michell Jurado known as Biark One in the graffiti world, was born in a coastal city in northern Peru called Tumbes. 
 She began to express herself creatively as a self-taught urban artist about 10 years ago when her artististic desires motivated her to make murals in large dimensions. In 2009 on Women's Day, Michell produced a graffiti event in Lima-Perú where she summoned more than a dozen female artists to create a collective mural. The success of this collaborative event influenced greatly by the Peruvian hip hop scene lead to a collective including Michell, 4 other female artists and a rap singer. The group came to be known as the "MariPussy crew" and began organizing and participating in events in collaboration with other artists in Lima-Peru and especially on Women's Day, March 8th.

In 2010 Michell began receiving invitations to paint in places outside of Lima. She traveled around Peru, Ecuador and New York, and gratefully participated in the famous "DetonARTe" festival in Quito, Ecuador in in 2010, the "Female Flava" in the Bronx, New York in 2012. Michell, arrived in Rockaway to work with family and friends in food service but she did not let her artistic desire extinguish. In 2014, Michell painted her first mural in Rockaway Beach (Rockaway beach Blvd and Beach 97th St) and brought her talents in collaborative creation to our home by the beach in creating a non-profit (Graffiti session 1,2,3,4) Michelle continues to create murals alone and collectively with the idea of visually communicating her commitment to nature and the sea and to bond urban life and art in one public sphere. ...more