Bill Hobbs Photography

Photography – Nashville

I’ve been doing photography since I was 10, growing up in the suburbs of Philadelphia. My photography is heavily influenced by the black-and-white newspaper photography that I grew up with in the 1970s, and by the work of fine-art photographers like Ansel Adams and by the photojournalism of photographers like Ernst Haas and Henri Cartier-Bresson, and by the paintings of Andrew Wyeth, who came from the Brandywine Valley region of Pennsylvania, not far from where I grew up. Today, I approach photography sometimes from the perspective of a journalist, while trying to create fine-art images. And sometimes I approach a scene as a fine-art photographer trying to create good journalistic images.I mostly work with what reality presents me – the scene as it is, the natural light, the weather – and try to create an image that is both true to the scene and artistic. While I sometimes work in color, I’m drawn to the simplicity and the challenge of black & white photography and often find color to be a distraction. You can find my work in Nashville Arts magazine, and on permanent display at Sopapilla\'s restaurant in Franklin, and Embassy Suites Cool Springs.