Raven Blackhart

Visual Art – Brisbane

I\'ve managed to pick up a fair number of titles over the years - Creationist-Destructionist-Recreationist, Idea Junkyard, Maker of Things, Doodler of Doodles... But I guess the best so far would have to be \"Instigator of Awesomeness\" and \"Serial Enabler\". I enjoying breaking \"rules\" - preconceived notions of how things are suppose to work, what can or cannot be done - that\'s just a challenge to me. The more someone claims that something cannot be done, or is \"impossible\" - you\'ll find me attacking that claim in the next second. I enjoy working with my hands - from crafts, to illustrations, to special effects make up (my newest venture as yet) - and not just in the physical, analogue realm either (although, for the most part, that\'s what my works are... THINGS). Give me a project and I will deliver. Give me an idea and I\'ll make a project out of it. Give me a word and I\'ll come up with ideas. You know what I\'m getting at.