"Ameerah, you better not be drawing on that wall!" is probably one of the earliest things I remember about art as a child. Since I was able to hold a pencil in my hand, I fell in love with the idea of creating and sharing my art (even if I did choose to express it on my father's work files or the freshly painted walls in my bedroom). The illustrations in my children's books were the first inspiration for me. I was in awe of the colorful drawings that seemed to perfectly describe what I was reading, so I challenged myself into emulating them. One day, I finished a particular drawing of Rapunzel and showed it to my mother. She didn't believe I drew it so accurately at such a young age. From there, I drew almost anything that I thought would be a challenge. The more I practiced the more my mother was convinced I wasn't tracing these images. After a short time, I was enrolled in Fleisher Art Memorial, a weekend school for young artists. I attended Fleisher for 7 years until I reached high school and was accepted to Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA) High School as a visual art major. CAPA really nurtured my talent and helped me find my personal style. Since then, I've earned my bachelor's degree in English but still dabbled in graphic design, sculpture, and commercial art.
I've also founded Primary Colors, which is a independent art company specializing in unique portraits, still-lifes, and political/social artwork. I chose the name Primary Colors because that is the first thing I learned when I began painting. Whenever I feel overwhelmed with an art piece, I remind myself of the basics I learned throughout the years and the young girl who started out just scribbling on a wall. It always gives me the extra boost to not be defeated by my own canvas.
- Ameerah Khabir