Crystal Powell is able to capture and translate her imagination onto canvas through her personal exploration of the everyday world.  She carefully blends one-of-a-kind colors for each new surrealist oil painting collection. These never seen before color combinations paired with equally unique conceptual images will stop you in your tracks.
Her artistic skills early on were predominantly sketching until her focus shifted into working with multiple materials. This broader knowledge of mixed media allowed Crystal’s art to flourish. Pairing her vision with her concept, she draws you into a world filled with storylines and imagination.

Sculpture ranging from hand-sized to life-sized, large-scale installations, and interactive art are just a few other forms of expression she has used over the years. Large-scale installation has proven to be a highlight so far in Crystal’s career as her collabrotive piece, “Lost Innocence” by Crystal Powell and Tessa Medaris, moved the dean of a local college to tears. She emerged crying from their piece and was quoted saying, “I never thought I would come here today and be taken back to a place in my childhood that I haven’t been to in years.”
Crystal loves that having the viewers handling the art, instead instead of being too scared to touch it, it really brings a new element to showcasing her ideas. Letting the viewer take such a large role in the process allows the outcome to be a surprise to both the participants and the artist herself.
Working closely with local companies, Crystal has been bringing her art to the streets of San Diego for years now. Viewers will never know what's coming next but you can guarantee it with will leave them with a smile and an overall enchanting experience.