Prelude Gallery is a store-front art gallery that offers a unique opportunity for student and new-graduate emerging fine artists. Prelude helps in the transition from studio and academic environment to Philadelphia's art community and public arena, where young talent can get the exposure they may not be able to get on their own. Prelude fosters an environment of growth through creativity, artist networking and a true city gallery experience with sales. A main goal of Prelude Gallery is to introduce art collectors and the general public to these select rising stars at the very beginning of their careers.

Patrons can participate by:
- Discovering new and emerging fine artists
- Enjoying affordable high quality original art
- Supporting students
- Supporting the arts in Philadelphia

Prelude artists can benefit from:
- Gallery shows and promotion
- Competitions
- Networking opportunities
- Internships
- and most importantly - SALES!

Prelude Gallery is located just off Rittenhouse Square, in the heart of Center City Philadelphia's most fashionable and walkable neighborhood.

Check out their website at: