How’d you first get started in fashion and design? 

“Barbie was wearing my designs since I was old enough to use a needle and thread. That was back when her and Ken were still together. As a young child I was also obsessed with making my own paper dolls. I was in 5th grade when I found out that ‘fashion designer’ was a real career choice and I’ve pretty much been focused on that ever since; minus the brief period where I thought I might grow up to be Nancy Drew. There weren’t many mysteries to be solved in my house at the time, but my mom always had scraps of lace and tins of buttons to let me play with, and eventually my sewing skills surpassed my desire to pick locks. From there it was art school to fashion school to the real world.”

Anything you’ve learned about the fashion world, thus far?

“I’ve learned to not compare myself or my success to others. I’ve learned that you have to constantly be creating, learning and challenging yourself to make it all worth it. I’ve learned that you have to be your own cheerleader and that every single day is a hustle.”

How does she describe her looks? 

“In one word: YOWZA. Ultra Feminine yet strong, confident, and sexy. That’s how I want to feel when I’m wearing one of my pieces! Whether it’s the softness of the fabric touching your skin, the subtle sexiness of an open back, or the flow of the skirt billowing around your legs as you walk … I want a woman to feel like they never want to take this piece off. It’s a very tall order, and my daily struggle!” says Misty.
“The same things that can distract me, inspire me: Old movies from the 1940’s, gardening, friends, museums of all kinds, bike rides through gorgeous city architecture, and wine. Lots of wine.”

As an independent fashion designer, how do you feel about Los Angeles?

I absolutely love Los Angeles. I am so lucky to have found an amazingly supportive and inspiring community of friends. I live and work in an artist collective in Downtown Los Angeles and I’m surrounded and loved by an immensely extended creative family. Hates? LA can be a tough city, but I’ve been here long enough to know where my bliss lay and I try to steer clear of people/places that cause me negative energy. That being said, traffic and the pungent smell of urine on a hot summer day can really get you down sometimes.
LA-fashionistas can catch these looks on the RAW:Los Angeles presents RADIATE runway at the El Rey!
Not enough? Shop her looks online at her Etsy store, and visit her site