How did it feel to win the national RAWards accolade?
I was completely amazed! It was definently unexpected. I can't express how honored I am to win this amazing award.

How did you first get your start as an makeup artist?
I enjoyed drawing ever since I could hold a pencil. I also had dreams about modeling. Many people around me discouraged both. While exploring modeling opportunities after my track accident, I met my fiance who is also a photographer. He introduced me to the world of makeup and body painting. But he didn't make me like it; I loved it all by myself! 

How would you describe your aesthetic?
I was inclined to do more in the dark and gothic realms, but expanded into brightly colored works recently. Now I feel I can create whatever inspires me or the client.

Describe the moment when, as an artist, you realized you were heading down the right track.
I always thought I was weird and never fit in. When I got into the body painting community, so many artists were weird just like me! I went through many struggles with things that didnt fit my personal interests and dreams. Now I can express myself through art and my dreams are becoming reality. 

You do both body painting and makeup. Where did you find the two worlds colliding? 
I was first a visual artist drawing with charcoal, oil pastels, and graphite. My fiance introduced me to body painting and makeup in 2012. Body paint colors are makeup made for the face and body. I learned how to paint with makeup. 

Where do you find inspiration and who are some influences?

For my artist tributes I ask the model who their favorite artist is. The model becomes a partner artist, more connected to what we want to accomplish. Sometimes, I just paint how I'm feeling on a model. Pleasing clients is really important to me. I try hard and hope they love what I do for them. I admire and learn from the work of other great artists. I'm often inspired to do something original that also practices something I learned from them. 

What's next? 
To continue improving, and hopefully making a living doing the work I love. One of the RAW judges, Paul Thompson, gave me so much advice when it comes to beauty makeup and special effects. With his help and others i want to be a better beauty and special effects makeup artist. I also hope to one day place in the world body painting competition and be published or featured in a few makeup magazines. I would love to be a part of IMATS.

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The 5th Annual RAWards Makeup of the Year is awarded the national accolade; consultation with Paul Thompson (Director of MUD) and Anthony Kosar (Makeup ARtist and Winner of SYFY's Faceoff ); a product gift basket from Make-up Designory (MUD); designer's tool belt from Totty Belt; feature on Magazine; RAW's Golden Ticket, granting unlimited free showcases in any RAW location internationally during the 2014 season; and much more!  

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