How would you describe your aesthetic?
"I would describe my aesthetic as modern-1960's-magical-ready-to-wear. To sum it up best would be to quote 23 Skidoo's slogan -- 'Anywhere Adventure Wear'. I call it that because it is clothing for young women with adventurous souls who desire to look and feel feminine on the journey.

This target woman loves being playful with her wardrobe and makes even the simplest of tasks an adventure. So, whether she's getting the mail at the end of her driveway or traveling across seas, she has fun doing it and she looks good doing it, too. I have discovered that many of my customers, whom I call Skadettes (Skidoo + cadette), are musicians. To be more general though, Skadettes are women of creativity, whether they simply have a creative personality and creative interests or they actually make their living off of being creative in the arts. It is always such a pleasure to meet my Skadettes in person, as most of my sales are taken online."

Where do you find inspiration for your work?
"The whimsy and femininity of the 1960's inspire me very much for my 23 Skidoo designs. With vintage being so popular now-a-days, I think one thing that sets 23 Skidoo a part from the rest is the very subtle details that bring my designs from vintage to modern. For example, in my Holiday collection I used a lot of metallic fabric. One of my favorite timeless designs was Dede's Record Dress, a black shift dress with a peter pan collar and cuffs -- classic 1960's. So many women would wear a dress like this but what made it unforgettable were the gold cuffs and gold collar. You could never find that at a vintage shop.

I am starting to do more with specialty fabric. I just finished a collaboration with a graphic designer friend, we are both from Cleveland and are proud to be here as many Clevelanders are. I contacted my buddy, Adam Vicarel, to work on designing a fashionable Cleveland print. We designed a fabric that tells a story about Lake Erie and fleeing to the CLE to live your dream. The fabric is great, it is so unique and the Cleveland aspect is so subtle that anyone around the world would feel comfortable wearing it but Clevelanders would understand the greatness of it. I designed and sewed women's dresses and men's button ups out of the design. These are one of my favorite creations I've made in my life. They are truly great garments. They are mod, adventurous, feminine, masculine, professional, corky, fashionable, honestly all of those things all in one. Very unique while also very acceptable for just about anybody."

You can see more of her work on the 23 Skidoo web site and her designs live on the RAW runway for RAW:Cleveland presents PANORAMA!