Hello Hello, and welcome back to the Mile High City!  RAW is back in Denver and we have Tania Birker, veteran showcase director, CURRENTLY LANDING and ready to kick things off with a bang.  This will be Tania’s 2nd time directing the Denver show, and she will be the first to admit it is one of her favorites; let’s see why!    




Jack Pharaoh


Jack Pharaoh- DJ/Electronic/Thrash, He creates music live using a variety of technology as well as mixing/remixing tracks on the fly. He performs with live violinist, singers, bassists, and more. Jack Pharaoh also reprograms video game controllers and other technologies to make music.  Jack is on tour in Denver from his hometown of LA, let’s give him a warm welcome!

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MountainCity creates timeless melodies and remixes together.  “We’ve found that a commitment to love and friendship gets you through all kinds of crap… We believe in the power of love… with all of our hearts!”  

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 HERESTOFIGHTIN is a five-piece folksy/bluegrass outfit from Denver.  Their musical inspiration comes mainly from traditional folk roots and some southern rock and roll. And the lyrical inspiration comes from good times, bad times, and everything in between.  Think Kings of Leon mixed with Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.

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Alright everybody get ready for a perfect, Denver-summer night together.  This line up is incredible, the venue is being set up as we SPEAK, and we are ready to get things rolling.


-Nick Buffington