Welcome back to Motor City everybody.  This is RAW’s second time back to Detroit this year, and first time under the capable direction of Tiffany Jordan.  Tiffany spent the last few months completely revitalizing our Baltimore market, making it one of our most popular shows this year, and now she’s about to work her magic on Detroit.  A lot of music on the line up this evening, let’s see what’s in store..



The Invincible Man- Folk/ Acoustic

The Invincible Man has developed a sound based around the singer songwriter genre, along with developed melodic texture, and twisted with a bluesey after taste. All composition, recording, and marketing is done by Noah Kirrkamm.

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Maria Montoya- Female-Led Rock

Maria Montoya is a no-holds barred, exquisitely powerful emerging Detroit artist who burst on to the music scene in 2015. Her strong, clear voice has a beautiful tone, and a versatility that ranges from edginess, to catchy rock/pop hooks, to unadulterated rock.

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FRANNCO- Argentinian Singer/Songwriter

Pop singer, songwriter and guitarist from Argentina.  We’re right in the middle of Frannco’s RAW Tour, catch him again in Seattle, Miami, and Chicago!

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Asaka The Renegade- Hip Hop/ Rap

Asaka the Renegade is a rapper/dancer from Detroit, MI. He began rapping in 2013 and has been a student of the game ever since.  Asaka says it best himself: “I love what I do and it all comes from the heart.”

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Rhyme Clinic- Hip Hop/ Rap

Rhyme Clinic consists of two members, Perfect Eclipse and Negative/Dj Death Touch. Their sound is a representation of classic Golden Era and Boom Bap style Hip Hop. Their content rages from conscious and political to fun and rowdy.

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MASHA- Dubstep/ Pop

Masha is a musician, songwriter, dancer and abstract artist.  She is inspired by movement, sound and emotions.  Masha is just getting rolling on her own RAW Tour, catch her again in San Diego, Denver, and Chicago!

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Wow folks we have 6 music acts rocking Detroit this evening.  Be sure to show up early and stay late!


-Nick Buffington