Hey folks!  We’re back in LA and that means everyone in the office gets to come out to this one.  This is the second time newbie director Greg Lauchland has directed the Hollywood showcase, but if his last affair is any indication of what we can expect, let’s just say we’re all in for a treat. 




YFRS - Rap, Hip Hop

YFRS has been a RAW artist since way back in 2011.  His music is trappy and chill while still getting people moving during the chorus.  Sounds a little bit like J. Cole and Travis $cott.  Be sure to catch his signature track “Love My Haters.”

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From a basement in New Jersey, to new LA digs, this alternative duo is comprised of Richie Arthur (Vocals/Guitar) and Jeff Maurer (Drums).  After spending most of 2016 in their home studio in Los Angeles, writing and recording, the two traveled to Nashville, TN to work on a collection of tunes primed to become a self-produced debut EP.  Their debut single “Drive” just premiered on 8/4!

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Now we’re going to move from the garage to the dancefloor with We Are The Stars, a Twin Brother duo here to introduce you to their very own brand of EDM with uplifting lyrics and steady-driving house beats. Please try and remember to leave your hula-hoops and candy bracelets at home! 

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Songwriters Nailah Middleton and Alex Hamberger draw from both sides of the emotional spectrum to weave emotions, experiences, and adventures into colorful tunes. Growing up in two drastically different parts of the country, Middleton and Hamberger bring unique perspectives to each song they perform together.

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Nat Keza- Pop, Hip Hop

“I've lived in New York City, Miami, and now LA and I can't wait to continue to network and connect my music with more people.” Nat Keza is Puerto Rican and Persian, culture and family means everything to her. She’s building her own reality and making all her dreams become true.

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Growing up listening to Michael Jackson's uptempo pop tracks and catchy melodies was the first thing he can remember gravitating to as a kid.  This is JAIRO’s second to last tour stop for RAW, if you’re still sleeping and haven’t caught a JAIRO show yet, you need to make it out here! 

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This will be a long one folks, I can’t even remember last time we had 6 music performers at one showcase.  Everyone will be performing rapid-fire 20 minute sets, so be sure to show up early and stay until the end!


-Nick Buffington