Festival season is upon us and we've got a few artists who are sure to make it in your ensemble. Whether you're a fan of fringe or enamored with the acrobatic stylings of your favorite hooper, have we got the list for you. 

Just some of our favs from across the nation!

brought to you by our team: Meghan Jones

The Fancy Shop of Important Things


Are you ready to take a trip to an otherworldly land where ancient motifs and psychedelic patterns adorn the landscape? Then look no further as you enter into The Fancy Shop of Important Things. Once there you feel as if you've fallen down the rabbit hole and are transported to a fantasy land all of your own making.

That's the beauty of their craft, as a healthy imagination is essential to making a fancy hat! Owners Bridget and Max source antique and one of a kind fabrics to bring their unconventional and extrordinary works to life. They're the perfect item to adorn your head this festival season.

Hop on over to their site and find the headpiece of your dreams! Or follow them on Instagram to become apart of their magical journey. @fancyandimportant

Cosmic Unicornz


Extraterrestrial. Intergalactic. Magical. Think My Little Ponies in outer space. Those are all the vibes you'll be putting out when you're suited up in Cosmic Unicornz gear. 

Being a fashion designer, illustrator and painter, Melissa Thyden, wanted to bring her wild, colorful energy to life, thus creating her lifestyle brand Cosmic Unicornz. She features custom, one of a kind dresses, hand-painted shoes and denim, silkscreened t-shirts, handmade accessories and artwork.

Aren't you just loving all the colors?!


To elevate your festival wear, head over to their Instagram to further awaken your inner unicorn. @cosmic_unicornz


Lindsay Nicole


Firestarter, twisted Firestarter! Play with fire and you're bound to get burned; unless you're a skilled performance artist like Lindsay Nicole. Then the only thing that's bound to get burned is your eyes from how lit she makes it.

A fan of movement and how we as humans are able to manipulate our bodies, Lindsay takes a no nonsense approach to the art of flow. Consistently pushing boundaries and honing her craft in all things performance; from Aerial Silks, Aerial Hammock, Trapeze and Partner Acrobatics. 

Feel like learning a few new moves before heading out to the campsite? Check out her Instagram @spinningwithcircles

Photo by @itssurihere

Still Natural


How much are you loving this blue lip?

We're smitten with Still Natural, who's serving up some festival realness right here. Washington DC based makeup artist Lakeisha Allen attributes much of her success to her dedication to her craft, and her attention to detail when it comes to working with her clients.

Whether you want to feel like a princess or keep that natural look during those long festival days, Still Natural has got you covered.

For more makeup inspo head over to their Instagram: @stillnatural

Hippo Colada Designs


We're living in the space age!

In today's society we've come a long way with all our technological advances; from artificial hearts to indigestible bio-sensors. That's EXACTLY the mindset Hippo Colada Designs creator Kristin Meader is taking, with her approach to quirky and fun designs. Her career as a bio-medical engineer, and her love of the arts, have meshed in to a wonderous world of custom designed, inspirational wares.

Whether you're needing an outfit that screams tiki bar under the sea, or simply want to make a statement at your next office party, this wearable art is just what you need.

To take a trip to the ether, pop over to Insta and follow the stars. @hippocolada