By Natalie Saar

Have you ever made something that you thought looked amazing but didn’t really consider art? Despite how proud you felt with your creation, it just didn’t feel quite up to par with what your concept of “art." That was the case with Miami-based RAW artist Alex Ingebritson

Alex started doing lip art and artistic makeup, but stopped just short of calling it art. “I viewed it as a hobby and ‘something cool’ that I did, but would shy away from the idea of being called an artist and calling what I do ‘art.’ I would compare my work with other artwork and felt that mine dwindled in comparison to the point where it should not even be considered ‘art.’”


Nevertheless, Alex kept working to score her biggest career victory to-date: a personal one. “Since then, I have learned that this was quite a naïve way of thinking. I have grown to appreciate art all around me more and admire my work in the same way that I look at a painting. Just because a form of expression may be strange or unique, does not mean that it is not "art". This realization has helped me grow so much as an artist, especially within the past few months.”

Even though she overcame that mental hurdle, Alex still faced some of the issues many artists do when figuring out how to get their work out there to the masses. “My biggest setback would probably be the logistics behind photographing my work. Before I started doing artistic makeup and lip art, I knew nothing about photography! Even now, I feel like I still have so much to learn. What many may not realize is that I could create the most stunning and detailed lip art... but bad lighting or poor photography skills could ruin the entire look.”

Determined to highlight her lip art in the most flattering and vivid way possible, Alex took control of her future. “I decided to learn basic photography skills, along with proper lighting setups and techniques. This continuously pushes me to learn more about the world of photography to best showcase my artwork.”

With this skill set in her arsenal, Alex was ready to put herself out there in an even more visible way. Like many budding artists, she got involved on Instagram. “The makeup community on Instagram is extremely supportive, which made it easy to feel comfortable to share such unique artwork with the world. It is undeniably thanks to the positive makeup community on Instagram that I had the confidence to share my work in person recently at my first RAW Artists showcase in Miami.”

“Up until my first RAW showcase, I had only received feedback on my work digitally from my Instagram followers. Seeing the expressions on the faces of showcase attendees when they would first see my artwork was amazing! Many were bewildered that my artwork was even possible, and stared in awe of the creativity in my unique lip art.”

If you’re inwardly struggling to take that leap from aspiring artist to one that’s recognized in your community, and ideally beyond, then it’s time to get involved. For Alex, this was made evident during her experience with a RAW showcase. “This was such an encouraging and humbling experience. Now that I have put my artwork out there, I have the confidence to push myself even further past my comfort zone and grow even more as an artist!”

And if you’re feeling the pressure to fit into a box within your community, there’s no need. Highlight your own style and let it shine. Alex explains, “There was not necessarily a single moment where I decided to go with the colorful and vivid aesthetic. Rather, my artistic style evolved over time into what it is today. Those that know me personally, know that I am a bubbly, loud, and energetic person. This would definitely explain my vibrant and vivid aesthetic, because it simply is who I am.”

If you’re an artist who's ready to get your name out there, consider submitting your artwork to RAW. We love showcasing artists and helping them connect with the creative community.

Check out more of Alex's lip art @alexingamua