by Jaden Brodie

3D printing emerged as a new and innovative way to create all sorts of objects. The technology presented fashion designers with new possibilities. Several RAW artists have embraced 3D printing, incorporating it into their jewelry and accessory making. Below are 3 creatives who blended their personal vision with computer control to output unique works of wearable art.

Hypatia Studio-3D prints 


Hypatia Studio’s 3D printed jewelry is made by two mechanical engineers who love equations. All of their pieces are inspired and derived from mathematical functions, geometry, and natural patterns. They offer many options for personalization and even host workshops to create your own 3D printed creations.



Teresa Arana


Teresa Arana creates beautiful jewelry inspired by her native Caribbean roots. Her background in architecture is also a visible influence. Through metalsmithing and 3D printing, she explores the balance between tradition and technology, and strength and delicacy. Final result: accessories that have a raw and organic vibe. 

Emily Chelsea Jewelry

Emily Chelsea uses CAD design and 3D printing, combining the best of both worlds, to create her jewelry. She then finishes those computer-generated pieces by hand on a jeweler’s bench to create a solid yet personal accessory. She finds inspiration in natural and man-made patterns all around her, soaking in the world through the windshield of her car or from the window seat of a plane.

Stand out from the crowd with these modern and experimental jewelry making methods. All of these artists are open to custom designs so if you are looking for a one of a kind 3D printed piece, reach out to them: