Jon Savage is popping his colorful art into our lives and we are not complaining! His work is not only bold and vibrant but the artwork conveys a beautiful message on how to spread love like butter and we are hungry to learn more!




Savage has been an artist for as long as he can remember. Early on, in the 1980s, he was inspired by Video Art on MTV and soon afterwards he began experimenting with his own video artwork. Later in 2011, he began incorporating mixed media art such as photography, videography, spray painting and acrylic painting. Then shortly after, introduced himself to YouTube by uploading his art videos to the platform in 2016.

Being deaf has never hindered Jon and his creativity in any way. He explains, “I created 38 pieces in "Be Love" series that incorporate the word 'love' in ASL. I asked deaf people how they describe "of love" in ASL, then captured their expression with photography. I processed the artwork from a photo into spray painting and acrylic painting on wood.”

Jon is heavily involved in the deaf community because he believes that American Sign Language (ASL) allows them to share their knowledge and experience about the linguistic, social, political, and cultural issues within the deaf community.



Clearly each image has captured its own beautiful emotional element, which is portrayed in the most simplistic yet striking way possible, but I couldn't help but wonder what his favorite piece is. Jon says, “My sunrise/sunset artwork is my favorite because it represents the freshness of the morning, mysteriousness of the day, then by night I have become experienced and knowledgeable.”

The crispness of his work speaks for itself as it exudes a fresh start, rebirth and love.



“During my journey with my work, I deconstruct the classical subjects that are a part of my childhood and adult cultures. By incorporating a positive vibe, my work reproduces familiar classical subjects by arranging them into contemporary art,” says Jon.



Savage radiates his positive outlook through his art and we are left caught in his sunny rays!

He concluded his interview with this percentage of chance basis of successful selling techniques, in hopes that it will help another starving artist.

“The percentage of chance basis of successful selling techniques:

0.1% = Nobody knows, (Being a starving artist)

25% = Someone saw, (Artist posted the artwork on social media or/and showcase)

50% = Someone learns, (Artist's description about the artwork on social media or/and showcase)

75% = Person is interested, (Artist and collector talk about the artwork)

100% = Person buys,  (The artwork is sold)“



To see more of Jon Savage's work, click here and follow him on Instagram here.