We felt compelled to stop and smell the galactic flowers and to soak in all of the wondrousness of Kit Thomas’s paintings. They are a one stop color shop wrapped up in nature and cosmic elements.



“I have a calling inside me that needs to create. I have passion that whispers “make things happen”.  When life gets tough and stressful all I know is to paint,” says Kit Thomas.

This reminded us of the quote by Fabienne Fredrickson, “The things you are passionate about are not coincidence, they are your calling.”

Kit continues, “I am Indigenous (I am Iroquois of the Mohawk Tribe) and in my culture there are so many symbolic meanings behind everything in nature.

In my life I take the environmental elements I live in and translate them into my art. I love city living, the graffiti, concrete and hustle. But while dwelling in a city I still feel connected to Mother Earth and nature. The elements, flowers and wildlife are sending us messages every day that we seem to overlook because of our busy lives.

When I began painting flowers and studying the patterns, I literally would stop and smell the flowers. I became present in the moment. I read the meaning and totems of plants and animals and incorporate them into my work to help inspire people and to work through my own struggles.

When I touch upon cosmic elements, constellations & astrology, I’m relating to the cosmos or the universe and that we are all part of this journey. Also, I believe that when we figure out what we want in life, the universe conspires to help you achieve it.”



Kit’s positive outlook and demeanor of soaking in life’s simple moments are evidently displayed in her paintings. Bursts and splashes of people, fire, water and stars showcase her zest for life as well as offer us insight into her cultural background.

“I believe I was born an artist," Kit begins, "but in 2007, I began to really dive into painting. I challenged myself in a medium that I was drawn to but hadn’t had much experience in besides college.

In 2008, I had my first sale on Etsy thus jumpstarting my career as an entrepreneur and a painter."

Etsy proves time and time again that it’s a fantastic platform to be able to sell art in order to create more art.

When asking Thomas about her most challenging artwork, her response was, “The 2018 Inktober challenge. Every October, artists all over the world take on the drawing challenge by doing one ink drawing a day associated with a given word for the entire month.

It is about growing, consistency, improving and forming positive habits. As I was posting my daily drawings on Instagram, I was getting such great feedback and gaining more followers. I was eager to get started on a word and challenging myself to go outside my comfort zone as well as trying new inking styles. I took on darker themes as well as playful material.”



Thomas is inspired by life, purpose and the connections with herself, others and her higher power, Mother Earth. However, when she is feeling down she channels all of that negative energy into something tangible and beautiful. She says, “The pain and hurt can be released in the paint and the calmness of the artwork can soon heal anything I’m going through. Or it’s magnetic and the energy can lift me up and from what I hear, can lift others.

I feel I have a purpose and I belong when I create. Just knowing your purpose in life can keep you alive. My artwork in a way has saved my life. It’s brought other opportunities in my life. I do vendor table gigs, showcases and gallery shows. Also, just by having conviction in my art I’ve had opportunities with photography projects as a model.

I have also been able to speak about LGBTQ and Indigenous issues through speaking engagement and panel discussions.  

Art bring so much to my life and feel so alive when I’m covered in paint. And now so alive being able to connect with others on another level.”



If you aren’t inspired enough already, these closing sentiments from Kit might make you want to be a better artist and person...


“Get out of your comfort zones because every next level will demand a different version of you.

Stop waiting for things to happen, go and make things happen.

Dream. Create. Inspire. And just be kind.”


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