Early experiences are extremely pivotal in paving the way for our creative choices and the paths we may take. We take inspiration easily from people and things around us but it’s also imperative to remember to try, touch, feel and do new things you wouldn’t normally explore because you never know what you might enjoy or might even excel at!

Emmy Kitchen is a photographer based out of North Idaho who photographs anything she finds inspiration in. We took some time to chat with her regarding her creative process.



“I've had a general interest in photography since I was about 15 years old. I was living in Ireland with my father and I took a photo of some footprints in the sand. Of course back then, I was using a cheap disposable camera, but when I had the photos developed he told me how much he liked the photo. He said it was "artistic". After that, I never looked at photos the same way again.”

Kitchen has been an avid tagger of her work on the RAW Artists instagram page and we have often found ourselves entranced by the enchanting mysteriousness of her photography. Whether it’s magic pouring out of a teacup, bermuda triangle type roads or bewitching everyday objects, her photography is definitely darker and “mood” driven and leaves us in a world of wanderlust.



“I like to think I've always had a vivid imagination, but I'm really inspired by what I see around me, simply in the moment. I really appreciate textures and tones and I love when opposites can come together in a magical and imaginative way. Whether it be contrasting colors, or the dramatic softness of the inside of a rose. I like to see what most people would overlook.”

It’s evident she enjoys altering what she sees through colors and tones with a touch of imagination but she never goes into a shoot with an idea in mind. She tells us how she has never been great at coming up with an idea and fully executing it the way she envisioned in her mind which often leads her to frustration. Therefore she prefers to let things happen naturally...



Emmy continues, “Next I upload my photos in Adobe Lightroom and I start with the tones. I want the photo to be striking, even among the thousands of other photos in the grid next to it. I like to keep my shadows and contrast dramatic. Then usually at this point, I know whether I'm going to be adding additional touches in Photoshop or if the photo is perfect the way it is. If I edit in Photoshop, I can be editing anywhere from 15 minutes to a few hours depending on the edit. I don't usually spend more than a full day on a project, otherwise I get tunnel vision and tend to lose site of what my original idea was."



Amongst the flowers and fires, stormy skies and lights, Emmy K doesn’t like to photograph things that don’t take direction.

“I love shooting nature. To me that's anything from a stormy dark sky or a single feather during a snowstorm,” she describes. “They exist as they are, whether I'm there to capture it or not. In the end, it doesn't matter what I'm shooting. I just hope that my photos make the person feel something and see things in a way they perhaps never saw before. If I've done either of those, then I've done my job as a photographer.”


We absolutely love how Emmy K not only captures but alters our reality in the most whimsical way possible so that we are lost in a moment of alluring visual bliss and a much more peaceful state of mind.

You can stay up to date with her latest photographs on her instagram here.