By: Natalie Saar


If you head over to YouTube and look for “makeup tutorials” you’ll be inundated with how-tos for
everything from a five-minute morning routine to a Prom-worthy smoky eye. But you’ll be hard
pressed to find anything like what makeup artist Angy Boss does.


Angy’s art extends far beyond any traditional red carpet look -- her designs are a whole vibe in
themselves. The Sacramento-based artist explains, “Most of my creative work is made as I go
with no end result in mind. I typically will put on the radio [the Enigma station to be exact] and sit
with my subject. The combined energy between my subject and myself as well as their features
are what bring about each look.”

And much like the fluid process of deciding on what to create, the time that it takes to pull off
one of these creations can be as short as a lunch break or as long as a full day’s work. “The
length of time each design takes depends on how the creation flows, and the energy exchange
between myself and my subject. Each design can take anywhere from two to seven hours. Of
course for the lengthier ones there are breaks in between.”


Before building up to these marathon sessions, Angy started small like many young people do:
by getting into mom’s makeup drawer. “I have been passionate about make up from a very
young age as early as five years old my mother always complained that the first thing I did when
she turned her face was get into her makeup. In fact at the age of 11 I made my first creative
piece which was a Cleopatra on my seven-year-old sister of which we still have photos.”
Then while many of her friends were adjusting to the nascent years of teenagedom, Angy got a
jumpstart on her career. “At 13 I convinced the salon owner across the street to let me assist
with the salon. I cleaned and scheduled clients in an attempt to get some hands-on and live
training. Before long the salon owner felt comfortable allowing me to either start on clients or
finish what she started. By age 16 I was doing weddings and events. At the age of 19 I began
calling my services Artistic Creations by Angy even though all I did at that point was glamour.
Somehow I felt at some point I would be going in a much more creative direction and I couldn’t
have picked a better name.”


A long way from her classic glam days, currently Angy is experimenting with all kinds of looks
from Sally and Jack Skellington to Winter Wonderland themed ice queens. “A lot of my
inspiration comes from the Egyptian gods and goddesses as well as anything royalty; I use a lot
of gold and black as well as a lot of royal blue and white. I love incorporating colored contacts,
chains, jewelry and stones to create 3D and and out of the box pieces.”


“My materials are sourced from anywhere and everywhere, from craft shops to bead
conventions to jewelry stores and of course the Internet. I choose pieces that are appealing to
me and know would stand out to viewers.” This attention to detail shows in every piece that
Angy makes. Whether it’s a perfectly placed bead or a gemstone that completes her look, Angy
always brings something new to her canvas.


“My favorite look so far is one of my most recent ones where my subjects at the time were a
power couple. I wanted to created a piece that depicted an out ‘of this world’ kind of love as
Valentine’s day approaches. Though there was no end result in mind, the process flowed
perfectly, with the help of my friend Nicole Jordan.”
“What people can expect from me in the future is limitless and just as much of a surprise for me
as it is going to be for them.”
You can catch Angy’s work here on Instagram or in-person at the RAW Los Angeles presents REFLECT on March