By Kaitlin Ruby



Video by Christopher Quinn


1. Business Cards


Nice business cards give a great first impression. They create a sense of credibility for your business and provide an easy way for guests to get in touch with you later. It’s also a good idea to include your social media handles on the card so that people can easily stay updated on your latest work.



2. Lighting


Lights are a great way to spice up your area and draw attention to your booth! Try using clip lights or less conventional lighting methods to make your booth stand out from the crowd.



3. Ways to hang your art


This one is crucial! Make sure to remember to bring a way to hang your art pieces on the grid or fence panel. Hooks are very common but some artists use more creative options. Try playing around with clothesline, use funky binder clips (maybe even decorate them yourself), or check out this article for more inspiration.


4. Props and decor


Props are absolutely key to spicing up your display area and performances. Think of decor that compliments and accentuates your art. Make it unique, bold, and aesthetically pleasing without letting it overshadow your work.


Some ideas:

  • Plants, flowers, or foliage

  • Battery operated candles

  • A cute tablecloth

  • Baskets, crates or shelving


5. Payment methods


How many different types of payment methods you have available to your guests may make or break the sale! Be sure to provide various options like Venmo, Cash App, a card reader, etc. Don’t forget to bring change for cash transactions!


6. Hangers, clothing racks, frames, and easels


In order to utilize as much space as possible, bring other ways to display your art besides hanging on the grid panel. Hangers, frames, and easels are great options to display your work!


7. Utensils & tools


If you have agreed with your AED to do live art or displays, make sure you remember to bring all of your supplies! This includes any brushes, paint, easels, makeup, etc.


8. Pricing


Price the pieces you are selling and include a good range of prices to make your work more accessible (i.e. small prints $10, medium prints $15, and large prints $20). It’s a quick way to alleviate unaffordability beliefs and provide a range of prices for clients who may want to contact you at a later date.


9. Social Media


Make the most of this opportunity to grow your fan base. Displaying your social media accounts at your booth and on your business cards allows people to be in the loop about your future works and shows. Plus it’s a super easy way to reach you about commissions and purchases!


10. Be creative!


Be as creative as possible with the area provided! Let your space represent you and your brand. Remember: booths that are decorated and aesthetically pleasing will draw more attention -- so be sure to make it eye-catching!