5 Things Photographers Must Try

By: Jenny Rodriguez


Anyone can be a photographer. In today’s modern society, almost everyone we know owns a phone, but those who seek to be professional photographers buy a DSLR. If you own a camera and are struggling to find a new way to shoot, RAW has provided you with a list of types of photography you should try.


1. Portrait

The first on this list is portrait photography. If you’re planning on applying to a professional setting or want to create a name for yourself, portrait photography is something you must try. Capturing images of the face showing a person’s personality through the use of lighting is what portrait photography essentially is. Learning how to do portrait photography will be effective in the long run since most people in the arts today need at least one portrait for their online portfolio.

JPM Homem


2. Film Photography

If you are searching for a more vintage type feel to your photographs, film cameras prove to produce the best results.  They require a roll of film and some batteries. These cameras, although not expensive, are a bit tricky to use but their result is evocatively beautiful.




3. Long exposure photography

Images that depict a blur of objects that appear to have passed by are known as ‘long exposure.’ This type of photography requires some knowledge of the inner workings behind a DSLR. You can find an example here. For the best results, try this out in the evening!


Zack Reed


4. Star Photography

Have you ever gazed at the night sky while billions of stars lay overhead and you wanted to capture the moment? You can best capture star photography with the use of a fisheye lens.

Your end result will end up looking astronomical.


Jon Fischer


5. Landscape

Landscape photography allows you to capture wide land. These images are predominantly nature and require the perfect moment. This is definitely one type of photography worth trying to capture more space and depth.