By Margarita Hirapetian


When you think of crochet, you probably imagine afghan blankets, baby booties, and delicate designs adorning clothing. Earrings may not necessarily come to mind. But artist Priscila Schmidt is here to change preconceptions by showing you exactly how versatile crocheting can be. Her colorful hoop earrings crocheted with the tiniest hook are eye-catching and gorgeous, and sure to be admired and remarked upon whenever you wear them. They are handmade with love and skill, and perhaps best of all, offer something truly unique and striking to shake up your jewelry drawer.


Priscila is only 24 years old and has been crocheting since she was young. She’s always loved fashion and the ability to express oneself through clothing, and this passion combined with the desire to create jewelry led her to start Mermaid Dust, her accessories brand. She says, “I started Mermaid Dust because I wanted to mix my love of crafting, jewelry, and art. This is my creative outlet that others and myself get to wear in an expression of showing their style.” Though for now it is a fun and fulfilling side job, Priscila hopes to expand it. She says, “I would love to see this grow into a bigger business. I'm learning a lot about marketing right now. I'm also working on doing craft shows to get my business out there.”


Her dreams can’t be far from coming true, as her talent and devotion to her craft will ensure that she reaches great heights. In fact, you would be hard pressed to look at her work and not want to buy something for yourself. Her hoops come in a variety of sizes and colors, ensuring that there’s something for every taste. Perhaps you want green ombre or a turquoise and magenta combo. Maybe your heart is leaning toward sunny yellow to brighten your spirits or an edgier tie-dye look that features silver, gold, and black. Priscila has you covered regardless of taste. Some of her hoops also feature bold floral designs and dangling beads to spice things up even more. She sticks to hoops because in her own words, she has “lots of room to work with [them].” Truly, you may be surprised to see how all-encompassing hoop earrings can be.



The idea to crochet hoop earrings came to her when she realized her own hoops “looked a little plain.” When she first started out, Priscila was originally inspired by Mexican pottery (Talavera). She also looked to another artist for some additional influence, “I love Frida Kahlo and I wanted to bring in the bright and floral aspects she used in her art and home.” Nowadays, most of her color inspiration comes from nature. Her personal favorite piece is the very first pair she ever made. As she explains, “They show how far I've come in my craft. They are also the biggest I've made so far. They were the start of something fun and I just made them because I was bored. I never thought I'd be making tons and going to shows! It's been a fun side job.” This is testament to the fact that, as an artist, you have to follow your heart and inspiration wherever it leads. For Priscila, wanting to add some taste and texture to her plain hoops led her down a road she probably wasn’t expecting, but that has ultimately been very rewarding. In the months and years to come, it will also most likely lead to even bigger opportunities.


For now, Priscila is focused on her goals, and has this advice for aspiring artists, “Be confident! Maybe not everyone will get what you're doing but others will, so just keep going and don't get discouraged.” Many artists know that confidence is everything. Combine confidence with passion and drive and there’s truly no mountain you can’t climb. Priscila is the perfect example of that.


Check out her Instagram for a look at her work, and visit her Etsy shop (MermaidDustStore) to get an earring or two for yourself!