By Margarita Hirapetian


Like many makeup artists, Evelyn Moeckel is an artist who basically uses makeup and her skin as paint and canvas. Still, she’s not your average makeup artist – her work is super intricate, and often involves creating actual pictures on her eyelids. Flowers, hearts, stars, rainbows, crabs (!), even ocean waves are often intricately rendered on her skin, in an area that doesn’t seem to easy to draw on. You can’t help but be awed. Of course Evelyn’s background in traditional art helps, and she admits that because of that, makeup came naturally to her. But the kicker is that she’s at the tender age of 18, and only really began working with makeup two years ago. The fact that she’s already come so far is nothing short of amazing and inspirational. 


Evelyn says most of her inspiration comes from within herself. “For the most part it just comes to me,” she explains. But she also finds inspiration in other people’s work, in music, and art pieces. She adds, “I can’t do makeup without having music playing. I usually grab a palette and pick a color and let my mind go from there.” Evelyn’s work is very colorful, with hues like orange, neon green, and fuchsia featuring prominently. It gives her work a whimsical and optimistic flair. You can’t look at it without feeling your mood brighten significantly. In fact, Evelyn admits doing makeup has helped her deal with her own anxiety and insomnia. Makeup as an anti-anxiety method for her initially came into play two years ago. Evelyn explains, “I was having bad insomnia and frequent anxiety attacks at night. Makeup helped my room become more comfortable and safe for me. My room at night was almost a scary place with my thoughts. Sitting down and focusing on something positive really helped me get out of my head. Makeup was different than drawing and painting. Physically creating something on myself gave me a sense of purpose that I was lacking.”



Skeptics may not look to makeup as a sort of mood enhancer, but the truth is that it is as much a creative outlet as more traditional types of art. In this sense, it can absolutely be something that helps with issues like depression, anxiety, a low mood, etc. Evelyn further credits her parents with providing encouragement and giving her what she needs to succeed. She says, “My parents have always given me the room to find myself. I’m an only child, so growing up with support of my parents helped form me. They’ve always taught me to be myself, and that I am strong no matter how bad I may feel. I wouldn’t be anywhere without them. They are the root of who I am and what I stand for.” A good support system for any artist is absolutely crucial. Nevertheless, there are always obstacles. For Evelyn, these come in the form of the occasional art block. She admits, “There’s times where my mental illnesses get in the way of creating. It takes as long as over a week for me to get out of the funk at times. Reminding myself that I do what I do because I love it and because it makes me feel good usually helps me take a step forward. I often roam craft stores for inspiration as well if I’m lacking some.” 

Of course when inspiration does strike, Evelyn is off and running. One look at her Instagram (@gtgev) and you’ll understand how creative and innovative she is, coming up with look after look to dazzle. She has dozens of photos of radiant and striking looks she’s come up with. Instagram has proven to be an important platform in general, but Evelyn tries not to dwell on likes, followers, and comments. She says, “The amount of engagement I get doesn’t define me or my work, but the more I grow the more people I can inspire.” Growing her platform is, of course, significant and has proven to be very rewarding because it helps Evelyn spread her message: “The platform I have grown has helped me spread the message of creating how you want because you want to. Not because of someone or something, but because YOU want to. People often look at their work and the first thing they do is break it down and pick at the flaws, and peers often do the same. I’ve been told multiple times that my work isn’t enough, but I want to spread that everyone has the power to do what they want with their life. My art doesn’t have to be enough for anyone but myself. I also want to spread that makeup/creating in general has no age, gender, sexuality, and/or race. No matter who you are, you can do it.”



As Evelyn looks to the future, she’d love to have her own makeup line for creatives like herself. But perhaps most of all she’d like to be a source of inspiration to others: “I want to continue to inspire others along the way, and spread kindness and love to all those I meet.”

On August 22, 2019, Evelyn will have a RAW showcase in St. Louis, Missouri. If you have a chance to be there, you should definitely take it. Also make sure you follow her on Instagram (@gtgev) so you can enjoy her work!