by The Makeup Show team


We compiled five spectacular beauty accounts to follow on Instagram. Fill your feed with daily inspiration! 

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1. Timothy Hung

Makeup Artist Timothy Hung has taken the title of makeup artist to new levels. He uses color and texture to elevate an application and showcases how two dimensional ideas are adapted to three dimensional in an application. With knowledge in fashion and art and the ability to combine the passions that drive him, Timothy creates and captures works of art that draws the line between makeup art and fine art.



2. Rachel Goodwin

Makeup artist Rachel Goodwin is one of the most respected artists working today working with such clients such as Brie Larson, January Jones and Emma Stone. Sought after by celebrities and loved by fellow makeup artists, she has become synonymous with makeup that is impactful and as individualized as the icons she has worked with.



3. Sam Visser

Acclaimed Makeup Artist Sam Visser has become one of the most talked about men in makeup. Beginning his career at the age of thirteen, his sense of style, his passion for learning, his understanding of the camera and ability to find the individual beauty in every face has led him to makeup success; working with iconic women including Ariana Grande, Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian.



4. Danessa Myricks

As a makeup artist, internationally renowned educator and key presenter for a host of the top national and international trade shows, Danessa’s reputation as an artist is very clean with a unique style. This has afforded her the opportunity to work with a broad clientele of beauty, hair and music companies for print, web, television and trade show production both nationally and internationally.



5. Roshar

Roshar is an international makeup artist who is recognized for creating unforgettable looks. With editorials featured in publications, Roshar’s work captures the imagination and makes a strong impression. Roshar has developed a reputation for innovation and an understanding, working with photographers and clients that are also changing the game.